ORX Epona

ORX Epona

is comfortable treeless saddle with leather seat suitable especially for hiking.


The seat is made from high quality cowhide.
The back protection is excellent thanks to sophisticated seat cushion system and spinal canal.
An attachment for the stirrups is under the side walls.
The whole seat with sidewalls is velcro-type.
The seat size is adjustable by sliding the rear hill.


Use quality and smooth stirrups belts.
Before adjusting the length of the stirrups belts, we recommend unstick the sidewalls first, and after adjusting the length of the belts, glue the sidewalls back.

Shaped seat ensures rider comfort for hip joints even during long rides.

We can make ORX Epona treeless saddles tailored even for heavy riders.

If the saddle is properly tightened, it is possible to jump on horses from the ground without rewind.
Nevertheless, it is recommended to use elevation.

It is possible to use the velcro-type thigh rest and leather fenders with stirrups.

Adjustable size for saddle:

  • Size -1”  children and pony
  • Size -2”   XS – L
  • Size -3”   L- 3XL



Size “Size-3” does not fit on a classic pads.

We make custom made pads.

Saddle shapes:

tvary padů

You can order the saddle according to your wish:

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