ORX Lamba - bareback pad

ORX Lamba


Bareback pad ORX Lamba is a riding pad for ride without stirrups, with a basic felt protection.
It is made to rider size so the front and rear hill comfortably grip and hold the rider in position.
This bareback pad is for a comfortable ride without a saddle, the back protection of the horse is only basic.


These pads are not suitable for riders who want the freedom of sitting on a horse. Seat is tailored for a solid riding .

Light lamb is 100% sheep wool. Other lambs are quality imitation wool. All these lambs are used in healthcare and hospitals.

Price list:

Price 290 €
girth with lamb 77 €
saddle blanket 1 cm (black, without lamb) 81 €

Transport according to your country rate courier PPL (30-85 €)

Saddle shapes:

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