ORX Miron / ORX Leon

Equestrian bareback pad ORX Leon / ORX Miron is riding bareback pad with excellent back and spine protection.

This bareback pad cannot use stirrups.. It is designed for riding without a saddle.


If you wish to clip the stirrups on this pad it is possible to produce a pad with an attachment for the stirrups on request.
Pad with an attachment for stirrups has a special seat cushion developed to distribute the pressure from the stirrups, anyway use the stirrups only for light loads.


There is excellent protection for the horse’s spine and back.

It provides riding comfort for both riders and horses.

It is made of saddle pillows, a spinal canal and a padded seat. Like all our saddles, it has saddle cushions sewn of fur for shock absorption.

Top of the pad is made of imitation leather or cut cowhide in different colors.

It guarantees a pleasant ride on the horse.

You will feel safe in Leon and Miron.

Between Leon and Miron there is a difference in the forward and rear hill.

Riders who want to “hold” more on the pad prefer ORX Miron.
Riders who want more freedom choose ORX Leon.

Leon Miron

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