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Your riding pad according to your wish.



Can arrange and make details on Facebook ORX before sew. It will be better to take a picture of your horse and send it on facebook ORX.


Submit your order and we’ll write your payment information.

Price of transport according to your country. Prepay on account.

  • Saddle shapes
  • Color saddle
  • Measure lengh between front and rear hill
  • Measure chest

Measure the size of the sitting position by putting your chair against the wall, sit your ass against the wall and put a mug between your legs. Then carefully lift up and measure the distance from the wall to the mug. The order form also includes ready-made sizes for better orientation.


If you want a looser, add cm.

Measure in centimeter.

Measure in centimeter.

obvod hrudníku koně

    Personal data

    Complete saddle

    Price list


    Price 290 €
    girth with lamb 77 €
    saddle blanket 1 cm (black, without lamb) 81 €

    Transport according to your country rate courier PPL (30-85 €)

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