Welcome to ORX !

Welcome to ORX saddlery !


Before deciding on a bareback pad or treeless saddle, think about what your horse and you as a rider need.

The back protection and the spinal canal have all our saddles. They are adapted to comfort of the rider and horse, according to actual needs.


The protection of horse’s back is heighten like this:


Bareback pad ORX Lamba is a riding pad for ride without stirrups, with a basic felt protection.
It is made to rider size so the front and rear hill comfortably grip and hold the rider in position.
This bareback pad is for a comfortable ride without a saddle, the back protection of the horse is only basic.



Better protection is on the ORX Libero saddle, where you can easily applicate stirrups.
The saddle is formed similarly to the ORX Lamba bareback with front and rear hill, for easy grip and hold in position.
It is made of textile imitation nubuck. This material is very enjoyable.



Bareback pad ORX Miron (and Leon) is a riding pad with good protection of the back and spine of the horse.
It is designed for riding without a saddle. We produce this pad even with a loop for stirrups, this one has a special saddle cushions to distribute the pressure for the stirrups.  We recommend using the stirrups only for light strain.



These treeless saddles have the best protection of the horse’s back. They are tailored according to your and your horse wishes:
ORX Epona, ORX Variant a ORX Treeless saddle.

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