ORX Libero - bareback pad

ORX Libero


ORX Libero bareback pad is made of imitation nubuck (material made in Germany).

It has better back protection than ORX Lamba and stirrups can be used wisely.

The front and rear hill are of a firmer character. Can be ordered lamb on seat, for better comfort in winter, for example, but seat with the lamb tighter.
ORX Libero available in different colors. Leather for protection from ordinary stirrups is black. If you order original ORX fenders, leather under the stirrups is not required.

We make custom pads, plastic stirrups with nylon belts and fenders.

The front and rear hill on the saddle allow the rider to better hold himself even on a cheerful horse and hilly terrain.
These are not suitable for riders who want the freedom of sitting on a horse. Seat is tailored, for a solid sitting.

In the “Video” section, see how the shackles move and remove the original ORX fenders.

Price list



saddle without attachment for stirrups 415 €
saddle with attachment for stirrups 456 €
girth with lamb 77 €


plastic stirrups, belts and fenders 94 €
saddle blanket 1 cm (black, without lamb) 81 €
saddle blanket with lamb 94 €
saddle pockets 35 €
removable lamb on sattle 94 €

Transport according to your country rate courier PPL (30-85 €)

Saddle shapes